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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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August 28, 2013

Team Success on Kilimanjaro

Along with all of our great successful summits in the Northwest this summer, Kilimanjaro continues to be a winner for our trekkers abroad! If you are a trekker looking for a trip of a lifetime, we have teams joining us 9 months out of the year to stand on the summit of the highest peak in Africa. Groups are confirmed through February of 2014 and many more options to come! Call us to find out how you can be a part of this unforgettable adventure and stand on the summit like this team below:

"On July 19 our first three clients arrived and were greeted by Richard and Noel from our Mountain Madness team on the ground in Tanzania. They were then taken to Itikoni Private Camp and given time to settle in.  It was raining, but warm in the mess tent thanks to heaters.

"The next morning we were able to fit in a quick game drive in Arusha National Park before the rest of the group arrived that evening.  The remaining clients arrived the following day and despite a lost bag, had uneventful arrivals.


Breaking Bread. Ben Mality photo

"The next morning we awoke at 8:30am and after a delicious breakfast started our trip briefing.  After a quick gear check and tasty lunch, everyone finished packing.  We finished in enough time to take a short hike to the waterfalls.

"The next morning brought a 6:30am wake-up call with breakfast at 7:15am. We said goodbye to the camp staff and drove to the Londorosi gate. It had rained during the night but as we were heading to the Londorosi gate the skies were clear and sunny. Unfortunately however, Richard’s vehicle got a flat tire, not once but twice at two different times so we had to stop and change them. After signing in at the gate we drove to the trailhead and started our trek.  Everyone arrived at our first camp feeling good and ready for dinner!  The food prepared by the cooks was excellent and everyone agreed.  To be able to offer our guests traditional food, such as Machalari, which is from the Chagga tribe, only served to enhance the experience.


 Ben Mality photo

"In the morning we all woke up feeling good and we started our hike at 8am heading to Shira camp after a wonderful breakfast.  On the way a couple people felt a little nauseous but by the time we arrived at camp and got ready for dinner everyone was happy and feeling good.  However, in the following days as we made our way up the mountain, more than a few clients began to feel the effects of altitude with headaches and nausea. Despite not feeling great, everyone kept a good attitude and no one wanted to give up.  


Up we go. Ben Mality photo

"A couple more days of working our way up the mountain we were in position to head for the summit. With a wakeup call of 4:00am we had a delicious breakfast and started our hike to the summit. With the number of porters and guides that we have on this trip, it worked well for people to climb at their own pace.  As it worked out, the entire group arrived at the top together and it was a great moment for everyone.  After a couple people feeling very sick earlier on it was great to see everyone push through and reach the top of Africa at 19,340ft.  After the summit we all went down to Mweka camp with a much needed lunch stop at Barafu camp. 


Success at the top of Africa. Ben Mality photo

"That evening we all celebrated with singing, dancing and delicious food.  This is also the last time the clients are with the porters and it was clear many strong connections had been made over the course of this journey.   After the party ended everyone was ready for bed.  As is usually true after a grueling day of climbing, we all had a good night sleep after the long descent from the summit.  The next morning, many woke up feeling exhausted and sore and ready to get off the mountain. After a short 3 hour hike down, we arrived at the gate.  After signing out we had lunch and then drove to the Moivaro Lodge which was easily a favorite of the group. After getting settled in their rooms we all met before dinner and talked about what they had just accomplished and I gave everyone their Summit certificates.  For those who were then going on to the safari I gave a quick briefing about what the next couple days would entail. For the others, it was time to say our goodbyes. 

"The next morning, we departed at 8:00am and headed to Ngorongoro via Lake Manyara National park. We went on a game drive and saw many animals including a group of elephants with little babies, which was a thrilling site for all of us!  Afterward, we had lunch in the park and drove to the Ngorongoro Crater. After a quick check-in, the camp manager took us to a place where we learned how the Maasai perform the ‘Meat Feast’ (Enkang oo-nkiri) as well as the meaning behind it. 

"The next morning, the group headed out at 8:00am. We arrived at the crater and saw some lions and many elephants. We spent more time with the Maasai Boma and everyone got the chance to see what daily life is like.  All in all everyone felt very satisfied both the cultural experience as well as the wild animal viewing.  A little rest and relaxation before heading to the airport made for a wonderful conclusion to an amazing trip."

- MM Guide, Benhadad Mality