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August 26, 2013

Introducing the Family to a New-found Passion

One of our most popular climbs here at Mountain Madness has always been climbing Mt. Baker via the Easton Glacier. It's almost a rite of passage for climbing in the Cascades. After barely getting out of Boston Basin in time to lead this climb due to a road wash out on Cascade River Road, I joined up with the Long family on their first family climb up Mt. Baker.  David had climbed with Mountain Madness on numerous trips in Red rocks and the Cascades and convinced his brother Michael and his wife Joella to brush off their crampons and come out for a trip. 

 Marc Ripperger Photo

We started under clear skies and hiked swiftly into Sandy camp at 6,000 ft. We spent some time refreshing our glacier travel skills before dinner and prepped for our summit day. The next morning alarms sounded at 2:30 am and our groggy eyes were perked up by some coffee and hot drinks. We set out for the long climb up the Easton Glacier of Mt. Baker.


 Marc Ripperger Photo

Our route curved around toward the Deming Glacier and weaved through some fun and exposed terrain below Sherman Crater. We then tackled the Roman Headwall and found ourselves on top of Mt. Baker. Heading down, we retraced our steps back down to camp and enjoyed a celebration dinner. I showcased my New Mexican background and cooked up spanish beans and rice with fresh chicken. We went to bed under the pitter-patter of rain through the night and into the morning.

Marc Ripperger Photo

The final day we hiked out under a cloudy sky, excited to have had a clear summit day. We talked and laughed about our trip over lunch in Seattle and conspired about what exciting trip to plan next for their alpine career.  

- MM Guide Marc Ripperger