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January 25, 2013

Tsum Valley Statistics

Porters on the move. Deana Zabaldo photo


6 clients, 1 Nepali guide, 2 sherpas, 1 head cook, 5 kitchen staff, 23 porters, 2 Buddhist monks, and one Mountain Madness guide.

13 tents including client tents, monk tents, a dining tent, toilet tent, kitchen tent, porter tent, and sherpa tent.

24 day trip, 18 days hiking, all the way to Tibet. 15,000 vertical feet UP…and back down. 9+ suspension bridges. 100+ miles walked. 14 bus hours round trip to the trailhead. One helicopter evacuation (knee blowout) plus some cleaning and patching of wounds (Nepalis). Highest elevation: 16,700 feet. Lowest temperature: 7 degrees Fareinheit.

Rhesus monkeys, Black faced monkeys, Himalayan blue sheep. Wrathful deities, peaceful deities, yeti stories (but no yetis). High-altitude pheasants, eagles, bats. Millet, wheat, rice, and amaranth in the fields. Hermit caves and residences, 6-foot-tall prayer wheels in every village, and literally dozens of small monasteries.

Early morning blessing ceremony with 26 Buddhist nuns. Visits to the dark kitchens of people’s homes, served salty butter tea or Nepali sake (or both) at every one of them. Buddhist teachings every day with afternoon tea. Daily meditation practice. Wake-up tea served at your tent each day after dawn. In bed around 8pm each night.

Returning both rested and tired, strong in body and heart, healthy and happy and perhaps a little bit wiser, in harmony with the rhythm of the earth.

What more could you want from 3 weeks in Nepal?

Join us in 2013!

~ MM Guide Deana Zabaldo

1 guide, 2 sherpas, 1 head cook, 1 monk. Deana Zabaldo photo

Camp kitchen at lunch time. Deana Zabaldo photo

One lane mountain road means one of these buses has to back up several hundred feet until there's a space wide enough for them to pass within about 2 inches of each other. No joke. Deana Zabaldo photo

Suspension bridge. Deana Zabaldo photo

Wooden bridge. Deana Zabaldo photo

Porters taking a rest. Yes, he's smoking. All the way up and back. Deana Zabaldo photo

Black faced monkey. Deana Zabaldo photo

Daily meditation in the afternoon. Deana Zabaldo photo

Served up butter tea in a village home. Deana Zabaldo photo

The woman making us tea at her stove. Deana Zabaldo photo

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