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March 15, 2012

Avalanche Education Season A Great Success!


From the desk of Jeremy Allyn, Northwest Program Director:

Greetings from Mountain Madness. We want to extend a hearty thanks to all that joined us on an avalanche education course this winter- it was by any measure a great season thanks to your efforts out in the field! And I wanted to take a moment to personally sing the praises of our avalanche course instructors who are about to wrap up a fantastic season of work.


The latest round of evaluations from last weekend's Level 1 course were just too good and too glowing to not pass on a few tid-bits. Among the many praise-worthy comments and superlatives from our students, a few stand out: "energy and enthusiasm is contagious;" "easy going and methodical;" "fun, interactive, awesome, and an epic teacher;" "impressive coverage for a short course;" "pace was intense." Having taught many courses over the years, I know first-hand how challenging avalanche education can be. Teaching in the classroom, moving students through complicated terrain, explaining tricky concepts like persistent weak layers or skier triggering - MM staff do it all, and do it all really well. 

Post storm skiing. Jeremy Allyn photo

This week we are in the midst of another series of avalanche warnings here in the Pacific Northwest - winter is definitely not over. In the last four days, most mountain sites in the Olympics and Cascades have received over 4 feet of snow. Mt. Baker Ski area has a 94 inch storm total four the last 5 days!  Suffice it to say, I took the day off from work yesterday and went skiing... So just because our scheduled AIARE avy courses are coming to an end, that doesn't mean our staff (and hopefully you too) will be skiing, climbing and traveling in avalanche terrain for many months to come.  We are ready and willing to run a custom avalanche course for you and your buddies, your club or organization - any time this late winter and spring. Classic ski touring and ski descents are out there - Baker, Rainier, Washington Pass. Let's go! For a complete list visit our website here.

Solo tracks. Jeremy Allyn photo

So, here's a shout out and big thank you to our staff: Tino, Mark, Ian, Jonathon, Lee, Laura, Alasdair, Dan and Scott. Thanks for "Making it Happen!" And thanks again to all of our amazing students this season - see you out there!

Jeremy Allyn
North America Program Director

Joe Stock scoping lines. Jeremy Allyn photo