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February 15, 2012

Colombia Team Reaches Ritacuba Blanco Summit

Mark, Jeremy and the team are back in El Cocuy after a successful trip! Mark writes a short dispatch and promises more details and photos to come in a final blog later. 

"We are back in the sleepy town of El Cocuy after the entire group reached the summit of Ritacuba Blanco! It was a perfect day - we could see all the way to the highest peaks of Venezuela, some 1,000 kilometers away. Matteo, our Colombian guide, said it was the clearest he has ever seen things here!


El Cocuy. Mark Gunlogson photo

"In the town of El Cocuy, we are waiting for a night bus back to Bogotà - this town of less than 2,000 people defines sleepy town! Lots of people hanging out doing nothing but talking or just sitting on a bench in the town square. We fit in easily doing nothing but watching life pass by as we are still tired from our last climb. Tranquillo for sure!

"More to come soon!"

~ Mark Gunlogson

Ritacuba Blanco. Mark Gunlogson photo

On the hike to Ritacuba Base Camp. Mark Gunlogson photo

On the way to the summit. Mark Gunlogson photo

On the summit! Mark Gunlogson photo

Mark Gunlogson photo


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