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February 13, 2012

Colombia Team - Three Successful Peaks, One More To Go!

Over the weekend, our Colombia team returned from Laguna Grande de la Sierra after three successful summits! The team will head off today towards their fourth summit, Ritacuba Blanco. Mountain Madness President, Mark Gunlogson, called in yesterday from the satellite phone to update us on the team's progress. 

"It is Sunday morning, and what a beautiful day we've just had. We're quite lucky, we've had great weather the whole trip. Today we are resting at Esperanza. It is a beautiful place that we're staying in. This working hacienda is a farm full of goats, cows, geese and all sorts of animals wandering around these beautiful pastures. There are also big boulders nearby. Our cook, Rafael, whom we call Rafa, and our Colombian guide Matteo are out there bouldering right now. We've had a great time hanging out with the locals and the family that runs the hacienda. They have all been so welcoming and hospitable. 

"We got back yesterday afternoon after four days up at the Laguna Grande, where we climbed three peaks in our short time there... not bad! We climbed Toti, Concavo and Concavito. Everyone is doing great and we have thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful summits we have done so far. Concavo had a great mushroom-like cornice on the summit and we were greeted with spectacular views on all of the peaks. The eastern flank of the whole range drops dramatically, about 2,000-4,000 feet, providing us with an edge of incredible exposure to peer off of towards Venezuela and the Amazon Basin. 

"We had a nice simple breakfast here this morning of meat, potatoes and eggs. We've got a great cook, especially with the generally simple fare that Colombians offer in the region. Last night we had lamb with potatoes, lentils and rice. 

"We will continue to rest today but tomorrow we will get ready to hike up to Base Camp of Ritacuba Blanco, the highest peak in the range. Tuesday we will go for a summit push and then head back to El Cocuy. We will try to send some pictures on Wednesday. Talk to you soon!"

~ Mark Gunlogson

Ritacuba Blanco

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