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January 2, 2012

Vinson team resting at Camp 1 before move to high camp

Mark called in lounging in the comfort of the sun- it’s been very warm (20+ degrees F), but says the minute the sun goes down the temps drop to as low as -20 F. They had nice conditions going up to high camp to drop their loads, but it is expected to get a bit windy over the next few days, so no summit attempt yet. The plan is to move to high camp on Tuesday and see what happens, but if the forecast proves correct they will not make the summit attempt until about January 5th or 6th.

Mark called in today to report the team made a carry up to high camp. Today they are tired, but satisfied with the effort yesterday.

Everybody is relaxing, reading books, making snowmen (Romi made himself a new friend), and staying warm. They feasted on some pizza today for dinner and are now hanging out and trying to stay warm when the sun goes away.

Everybody says hi and Happy New Year! Mark wanted to shout out a thanks to Helly Hansen for a big down jacket to keep him warm and to Second Ascent in Seattle for helping him out with some goodies to keep in business in this extreme cold environment.

What a great way to start the New Year! Nice work to the team getting the cache in to high camp. Stay tuned!

All photos below from previous expeditions:


Approaching Camp 1, which lies at the base of the prominent snow ridge


Setting up camp 1


Camp 1


Camp 1


No sun makes for a cold camp!


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