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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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January 1, 2012

Expedition update: Cayambe, Vinson, & Aconcagua

Happy New Year! Lots to report today. 12 Mountain Madness climbers and four MM guides reached the summit of Cayambe. It was a long day, but a tremendous success.

Tino reports that the, “Weather started out nice in the evening and got very lousy through the day-wind, clouds and precip.  We were all covered in rime ice by the end.  It was a very strong effort by all and we are very proud of our climbers.” The group is now on their way to Cotopaxi and a brief rest before the next summit.

On Aconcagua, Joshua reports that the team has reached camp 2 in good spirits in spite of some not so good weather- snow and windy. The forecast looks good though in a couple of days, so the team plans to move to camp 3 as soon as reasonable and get in position for a summit attempt in a couple of days.

In Antarctica, Mark Ryman called in on the satellite phone with great news- good weather , everyone feeling strong , and the team ahead of schedule. With some great organization by Jacob, who was at base camp ahead of the group, the team busted out of basecamp and moved straight up to camp 1 in one carry. This put them ahead of all other teams and enjoying some solitude before other groups arrived. It’s been warm, fleece layers only when the sun is out, but when the shade takes over the temperatures plummet and out comes the expedition down jackets in the sub-zero temps. They will move up to high camp in the next couple of days and ready themselves for a summit attempt.

We’ll post more details and photos  soon. In the meantime, we hope you all enjoy the New Year!