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December 14, 2011

Aconcagua Team To Camp 3 (Cholera Camp)

Even at roughly 18,000 feet on the Northwest side of Aconcagua, humor is in abundance among the teammates at Camp 2. Yesterday, Tino called in with a quick update before everyone went to sleep at Camp 2. Below, we hear from the climbers after today's carry to Camp 3.

"We got into Camp 2, Nido de Condores, today and everybody's doing well. The weather seems to be working in our favor. We all ate and are getting ready for bed because it's really quite cold. If things go well, we should be summiting on Friday and back to Base Camp on Saturday. The forecast shows a good clear weather window on Friday. Today was super nice too, we could've been sunbathing but instead we were hauling heavy loads to Camp 2. We'll call again tomorrow with more of an update. Goodnight for now!"

~ MM Guide Tino Villanueva


The team's progress to Camp 3

Today the team reached Camp 3 with a carry and are back in Camp 2 for the night. Everyone is in great spirits and enjoying each other's company. We got to speak to most of them on the satellite phone to hear their updates first hand. Although slightly out of breath, everyone is laughing and excited for the upcoming summit push!


Geoff B. (Reigate, England) offers his humorous version of the last couple days' events:

(Tino introduced him by saying "Don't believe too much of anything this guy has to say")

"Despite the three handsome, perfect, English-speaking guides wanting to quit after the worst weather (quite the contrary), the one lady and five male clients insisted on pushing on to Cholera Camp (despite its rather forboding name.) Indeed, the only thing likely to make them quit was if one of the clients persisted with a barrage of bad jokes and even worse clothes choice (pictures to arrive later). I mean, who wears a Hawaiian shirt on the mountain?

"Cholera camp was reached at 3:40 pm. We didn't try the water, lest we caught the disease after which the camp was named. A rapid descent followed... so that we can do exactly the same route up tomorrow! As they said about the First World War, "It will all be over by Christmas!"... but which one? To misquote Captain Oates, "we are going now, we may be sometime."  - Team Aconcagua, Dec. 2011

"P.S. Most of the above is not serious.

"P.P.S. Make sure that when we get back, you have a huge Argentinian steak waiting and/or a live mule." (at this last comment, laughter broke out in the background among Geoff's fellow climbers)


Todd N. (Washington D.C.) says to Angela, Anna, Liddy and TR:

"I am having a great time and looking forward to trying to summit on Friday. I miss you all very much and look forward to seeing you next week. I will try to Skype you on Sunday. I hope you're being good for mommy and Sabina, because Santa Claus is watching. Love you very much, Daddy"


Steve B. (Palmer, AK) says to Eva, Ellie, Buster and Vixen: 

"Happy Hanukkah! Save a latke for me. Having an awesome time but missing you! - Steve"


Carole C. (Montreal, Canada) says:

"I have been raising funds for breast cancer for over 15 years. I was ready to take it to higher heights. Going up Aconcagua is a great adventure and probably the most challenging of my life. The group is getting along well and taking care of me, the only woman of the trip. The organization is great and the landscape is simply amazing. Looking forward to tell you of this incredible journey!"


Joshua and Seabstian say "hola, que tal!" So far, Tino has learned from them that the "Ecuadorian guides are the best looking and have the best English." According to them, their English is even better than Tino's native American English. Hmmm...


Wish them all good luck and continued great spirits as they close in on their summit day! Projected summit attempt: Friday!

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