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July 21, 2011

Scott Fischer's Packs Donated To Seattle Parks Outdoor Program

Mountain Madness recently dredged up some of Scott’s old packs. They had a certain odor that comes from over 15 years in storage, but they nonetheless have found a new home with the Seattle Park Program O2, which offers climbing trips free of charge for teenagers. Mountain Madness is happy to continue buidling a relationship with this outstanding and unique program and have sent guides out with kids on various climbing adventures and avalanche training seminars.

Most recently O2 kicked off the summer climbing season at Camp Long with Madness guide Dave Ahrens giving a helping hand (see photos below). Mark Gunlogson, President of Mountain Madness, dropped in for a visit and shared some stories about Scott Fischer and Christine Boskoff, and how he began his long career in climbing. 

Simple things can spark the interest of kids to get outdoors, like a few hours learning to rock climb, or taking pride in shouldering a pack worn by a mountaineering legend like Scott Fischer.  Our hope is to continue to inspire just as Scott did. Here is a letter of appreciation from O2;

“Dear Mark and the Extended Mountain Madness Family:

I wanted to take a moment to send you a very heart-felt thank you for the gift of Scott Fischer’s backpacks.   It is with tremendous gratitude and honor that we accept this gift.  For those of us that spend our lives in the mountains, old packs are like old friends.  While a back is simply an equipment item: these packs represent far more.  In some ways, I see them as an extension of Scott Fischer’s legacy and spirit.

As you know, we dedicate our lives to taking young people into the mountains, rivers and wilds.  Young people that would not have this experience otherwise.  I have witnessed on countless occasions these experiences change lives and perceptions.  We at the O2 program will be honored to use Scott’s packs on our trips and to have our young people wear his packs.  I am quite certain that this will make a significant impact to those people that can share in this gift.  

Scott Fischer’s legacy continues to be present in the outdoor and climbing community.  I realize that this continuing gift extended to the young people of Seattle will keep the legacy and spirit of Scott alive in the mountains and wilds.


Bob Warner/O2 Coordinator”