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March 11, 2011

Fundraising with human-powered global circumnavigator Erden Uruc

Human-powered global circumnavigator Erden Eruç departs for Mt. Kilimanjaro to climb with Mountain Madness and raise money for Tanzanian secondary school

This week, Seattle-based adventurer Erden Eruç launches the next phase in his quest to circumnavigate the world under human power, as part of his charitable organization, Around-n-Over (AnO). The mission is to assist poor communities by providing basic educational aid, resources, and facilities.

Erden giving a presentation to Seattle's Alki Elementary School

Erden rowing across the high seas.

American Alpine Club President Steve Swenson (l), Erden Uruc (m), and Mark Gunlogson (r)at AAC Annual Meeting

Eruç will continue his Six Summits Expedition, to climb the highest summits on the six continents he reaches after approaching each by bicycle, on foot, and by rowing across three oceans. His goal in raising awareness about his journey is to instill in young people the values of selflessness, sacrifice, and perseverance in the tradition of historical adventurers and expeditions. Eruç is the first person in history to have crossed three oceans (Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific) via rowing. For more information, visit:

Join us for June 5th Mt. Kilimanjaro Fundraiser Climb with Mountain Madness

The next leg of AnO’s Six Summits Expedition takes Eruç to Tanzania, and the continent’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness for the Mateves Secondary School in Arusha. For this journey, AnO has collaborated with Mountain Madness. We'll be there to provide our world-class service that began over twenty-five years ago. The goal is for AnO and participants to raise money to use toward the building of new classrooms and educational support. Mountain Madness will also donate a portion of the fees they receive from participants toward the school. 

Mateves Mission Statement is: "To tackle illiteracy in the community by ensuring that all enrolled students are provided with fitting and quality education, offered in an environment that is conducive, and delivered by a competent and highly motivated teaching staff."

For more information about the climb or about how to donate to the Mateves school call our office.


Giving back in Nepal 

As part of an expanded initiative to give back to the places we travel Mountain Madness is allocating a percentage of gross revenues from Nepal treks this year to an orphanage about three hours outside of the Kathmandu Valley. With six-ten trips on the schedule we hope this contribution will have a positive impact for the Children's Home that Mountain Madness guide Deana Zabaldo has develop alongside a Nepali ngo.

Deana with kids- dress up time for the girls

Simple pleasures - a game of Chutes and Ladders

Along with donations Mountain Madness president Mark Gunlogson, who visited the home last fall, is working with his daughter's Girl Scout Troop to set-up a cross cultural exchange that will include writing pen pal letters, fundraising for school supplies, and raising awareness. These small scale initiatives will go a long way towards giving these girls a broader world view - you can't start to young with this sort of thing!

Mark reading to the kids

Hand made pillows made by Girl Scouts for their new friends in Nepal

If you would like to donate to this project please visit Deana's site.