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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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June 28, 2010

Success in Peru!

Last steps to summit of Chopakalki. Elaine Teh photo

The first trip of the season to the beautiful Chopakalki (19,939') in the Cordillera Blanca has met with success! Joining guide Tyler Anderson was Jerry, Elaine, and Shea. After warming up on Yanapaccha, the group hit a perfect weather window and reached the peak a little over a week ago.

Elaine, who had been to the Blanca before, had this to say, "Huaraz was as great as I remembered and Cordillera Blanca was amazing. We had brilliant weather, especially on summit days. Tyler was a brilliant guide and chose all the best campsites/spots. The climbing was a little out of my depth and I felt inadequate at times, but Tyler and the rest were great and very patient with me. 

Yanapaccha turned out a lot more challenging, but really fun. Chopi was long, but from the false summit onwards, it was amazing. I didn't think I would make the summit, but thanks to Tyler's encouragement, both Jerry and myself made it. I had a really great trip.

I have been re-living my climbs this past week! Must think about the next venture now.Thank you for all your help and running such a great company. All the trips with MM had been amazing and your guides really are the best!"

Jerry, who also has joined us in Peru and had to come back for more, also had a great time and had this to say abut Tyler and the trip, "he was great and a big part of my choosing Mtn Madness for this trip. Other companies do Chopakalki, but Tyler has so much knowledge and energy that he puts into it and all the extra and subtle details he arranges from the acclimitization peak he chose, to food and coffee, break night at a lodge, less crowded approach to the mountain, and the celebratory restaurants in Huarez are what add together to make the trip much better than one would expect any other agency to be able to run."

Nice job to the entire team! Tyler will be leading another Chopakalki trip starting July 24th, which is confirmed and ready to go.

Jerry and Tyler on the summit of Chopi. Elaine Teh photo

The top of Yanapaccha. Elaine Teh photo

View of the Blanca with Huascaran, the highest peak in Peru at over 22,000+ feet, in the center left.
Elaine Teh photo