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April 22, 2010

Everest Base Camp: The Fun Begins!

This is the second post from Deana Zabaldo, who is leading our second Everest Base Camp Trek of the season. Deana is joined by Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, who will be taking four members of our team up to Camp 2 on Mount Everest for our Khumbu Icefall Extension. We welcome you to follow Deana, who will be leading our fall Bhutan trip as well, and enjoy her reports from high in the Himalayas!

Blandine Fayolle photo


The trail to Everest Base Camp begins with an early morning flight into Lukla and then a hike down into the valley. Up and down the trail, we pass through brightly painted villages, around piles of black and white stones carved with Buddhist mantras, and across long suspension bridges draped over the churning Dudh Kosi...the Milk River, named for all the glacial sediment it contains. Along the way, you never know what you'll find...

(Watch videos of the Lama and prayer wheel here and of the porters here.)

The weather in the Khumbhu Valley has always been a bit unpredictable, and even more so now with the climate change of recent years. As we climb toward Namche Bazaar, our sunny day turns to snow. It's a magical entrance to this famous waypoint, and the town is beautifully striped with patches of snow beginning to stick.

Buddhist gates mark the edge of towns or sacred valleys. Passing through the structure (painted with gods and mandalas) cleanses us of any evil spirits as we enter the area. 

See a video of the snowy weather as the group enters Namche here.

Stay tuned for more updates as we hear from our group on the Everest Base Camp Trek!

~ MM Guide Deana Zabaldo


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