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October 30, 2009

Mexico Dispatch: Iztaccihuatl and Orizaba

Guide: Mark Ryman

Expedition Members: Andrea Hilderbrand, Eric Pace, Robert Rudisill, Giuseppe Ruffino, and Richard Ward.

We’re pleased to report that the Mountain Madness team in Mexico has successfully summitted Iztaccihuatl! When we heard from Mark this morning, the group had just finished taking summit photos at 17,154 feet and was preparing to descend.

According to Mark’s dispatch, the trip has gone very smoothly: the group rendezvoused in Mexico City, then went together up to the village of Mecca Mecca. From there, they went north to La Joya to spend a night acclimatizing in a refuge at 13,124 ft. Yesterday the group moved to a high camp (around 15,500 feet) and prepared for this morning’s 4AM alpine start! They were at the summit by ten o’clock this morning.

After descending, they’re headed to the colorful village of Puebla to join the celebration for Dias de Los Muertos (the Mexican “Day of the Dead.”) They’re looking forward to a summit attempt of Oribaza (18,410 feet!) via the Glacier de Jamapa, then plan to head to Tlachichuca for a shower, some local cuisine, and a well-deserved celebration! Stay tuned for more updates on their Mexican adventures.