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April 29, 2009

Everest Base Camp Trek - From The View Of The Trekkers

Dingboche to Lobuche/ Lobuche to Gorak Shep

Unreal. Having spent the large part of my adult life dreaming of this trip, actually being here is just unreal. The mountains are big and beautiful. The people are warm and welcoming. But, most importantly I couldn’t be with a nicer group of people. The family dynamic between Roger, Robb and Jon is genuine. Robb and Jon joke together constantly as brothers of about the same age do. Roger is a very proud father. You can tell by the way he looks at his sons and from time to time puts his arms around one of their shoulders. Blandine my new French friend is sweet and inquisitive Deana, our guide, has made this trip so much more than a trekking adventure. Her knowledge of the Nepali culture and traditions has added a whole new dimension to the trip.

By: Martha


I concur with everything Martha is saying. A few additional comments:

Deana is indeed making this trip more than a physical experience. She is sharing her extensive knowledge of Nepal history, people, religions and culture with us. She is attentive to every single person’s needs. She has taken on the role of a trekking guide, a yoga teacher (anybody up for a stretching session at 16000 feet?), a medical advisor (Rob has been very helpful as well), a professor in culture awareness, and most important an avid card player (teaching us Spades, a welcomed change from Hearts we had been playing for days).

Everyone is doing physically and mentally well. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better group (well, if Martha were not so difficult to room with, it would have been better, but if everything was perfect it wouldn’t be fun).

Not only does our group get along, but our relationship with our porters, our Nepali guide Dawa and our Sherpa Dawa has been great as well. Some of them play cards with us, they all have been very sweet and attentive to our needs, and very patient with us.

The only thing to make this trip better is to make it longer. I cannot believe we will have been at the top of Kala Patthar and at Everest Base Camp by tomorrow afternoon. I am sad it is almost over although I promised Martha to stop mentioning how sad it is that we will soon head back down.

The only reason why I want it to last longer is to have a chance with Jon as a teammate to beat Martha and Deana at Spades (I suspect them to cheat anyway). More seriously (whoever is reading this post may wonder if this whole Everest Base Camp trek is just a cover up for a 2-week card games training), I hope that anybody passionate, or even interested in, about mountains will have the chance and opportunity to discover this beautiful and fascinating country and to trek in the Khumbu with as great of a guide as Deana is.

By: Blandine