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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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March 20, 2009

Lead guide Shayan Rohani set for expeditions to Cordillera Real!

Mountain Madness is getting ready for Bolivia! We are happy to report that Shayan Rohani will be leading the upcoming expeditions to the Cordillera Real:

Bolivia Mountaineering School w/ Illimani Extension

Chopakalki Climb

Cordillera Blanca Adventure Trek and Climb

We wanted MM blog readers to hear first hand what Shy’s thoughts were for these upcoming trips!

"For me, Bolivia is a place to take in the power of the Inti (the Incan word for Sun). The wide open expanse of the Altiplano and the intense high altitude sun gives me a chance to imagine one of the places the Incans and those before them got the power to organize such powerful and far reaching empires. The mountains on this trip are very diverse. Starting in the Condoriri they feel close, craggy, and personable. They are like the mountains of the Canadian Rockies.

The base camp is very accessible and it is a great place to be introduced to climbing, high altitude, and become comfortable with the varied personalities of the team. Huyna Potosi sneaks up on you. It hides its various faces much of the time and just as you are becoming tired of this grand mountain you find yourself on its summit! Illimani is proud, majestic, and a formidable undertaking.

Standing all alone it gets your attention over and over. It can be a intimidating mountain because of its sheer size. The camps are so dramatic giving great chances to hear the cracking of seracs as they shift and erode. With patience and many deliberate steps the summit ridge comes into view and feels like no other place you have ever been. I am really psyched to share this great place and breathe the thin air of Bolivia's altiplano with a little Inti in every breath."

The Chopicalqui/Yanapacha itinerary explores the very heart of Peru's Cordillera Blanca. Part of the Huascaran Massif it is part of the rock that forms the worlds highest point in the tropics. This makes for very dynamic weather and incredible sunrises and sunsets. June is a wonderful time to be in the Blanca while some of the valleys are still green from the previous wet season. The mountain lupine match the violet sky color of dawn in the high andes of Peru. The staff Mountain Madness employs are so helpful and casual they are really fun to engage. Huaraz, often known as S. America's Chamonix, has become a vibrant center for mountain culture. Great food, shopping, dancing and drinking can be found here. We won't miss one of Jean Patrick's "Coca Sour" a hybrid version of Peru's national drink only infused with coca leaf insuring a great night of dancing afterward!

The Cordillera Blanca Adventure trek and Climb is truly an adventure! Traveling through the quiet parts of the range it sneaks its way through some of the wildest corners of the Cordillera. Unparalleled views abound. So much so you will probably fill up your camera half way through the trip. This sneaky loop is not technical but by no means does that make it easy. Its a challenging trek and a true accomplishment when finished. The diversity of the landscape is surreal. From narrows canyons to coral like lichen, from snow passes to granite slabs, and lush flowering meadows to towering fluted ice pinnacles it is the tour de force of the Cordillera Blanca. This is really a trip of a lifetime! Get ready for days of rubbernecking!

All aboard, let’s climb, dance and be merry!


If you want to get away and climb with Shy in Bolivia, it’s not too late-feel free to give the office a call and we will get you to the Cordillera Real this season!