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November 26, 2008

Carstensz Pyramid 11/25/08 dispatch

Stone sculpture in Ubud

Hello from Ubud! We were relieved to see Pablo arrive today around noon. The whole team is now here and we had a free day to take in some sights. The town of Ubud was highly recommended, so we hired a van and went for a good road trip. Along the way we made several stops to check out artists and craftspeople in action, producing some of the amazing things that Bali is known for: batik fabrics, stone carvings, huge wood carvings, silver smithing, and beautiful paintings.

Pura Desa Ubud

We wrapped up our excursion with a visit to the Pura Desa Ubud. Pura is the local word for temple. Bali is predominantly Hindu and the temples are everywhere. The complex architecture of many of these temples is mind blowing. We were all required to wear sarongs to cover our lower body in order to enter the temple.

Inside the Temple


The group entering Pura Desa Ubud

We headed back to the hotel to wrap up packing in the evening, but found out that there was a problem with the flight to Timika and we will be here one more day. We are all anxious to be on our way. Everyone knew that this trip would require a great deal of patience and flexibility, but the suspense of playing the waiting game already is making us a bit anxious. The plan for tomorrow is to leave early and drive up to Batung Agung, Bali's highest volcano,and go for a hike to the crater rim. This should allow us to make good use of the extra day, taking in views of the island from it's highest peak and getting some much needed exercise.