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Peru Mountaineering School

Peru Mountaineering School
South America


The Cordillera Blanca is a climber’s paradise. For many, the main attractions to the range is the abundance of easy-moderate climbs in a setting every bit as spectacular as the Himalayas.  In a mere four to six days from the time you leave home you can be in base camp preparing for a multitude of climbs with newly gained skills. Combined with an intro to rock climbing in the fascinating area of Hatan Machay, the Forest of Rocks, and you have the perfect climbing adventure!

For those with limited experience, this trip combines abundant learning opportunities with practical application of skills on two high altitude peaks. You’ll learn the fundamental skills of snow and ice climbing and glacier travel during your expedition. Once the training is completed, the team will ascend two glaciated peaks in this incredible range, all set against a backdrop of the fascinating Inca culture.
Course Curriculum Includes:

•    Snow climbing and ice axe use
•    Crevasse rescue
•    Rock climbing skills, including rock rescue
•    Snow and ice anchor selection, construction, and equalization
•    Ice climbing and crampon techniques
•    Rappelling and rope management
•    Navigation using maps, altimeters, and compasses
•    Mountain weather, glaciology, and related topics
•    Hazard assessment
•    Leave No Trace: Outdoor Ethics