Learning crevasse rescue. MM collection
Approaching the lift station at Aiguille to Midi unger. Geoff Unger photo
Dylan Taylor photo
Mountain Madness photo
Mountain Madness photo
Dylan Taylor photo
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Flight Information

Mont Blanc Mountaineering School

Unlike most Mountain Madness international trip itineraries, which include travel time to and from your destination, our Alps schedules begin on the first day of service provided. All trips begin in the morning of day one of your itinerary - in country. You will need to stay at hotels of your choice and need to make these arrangements through your travel agent or on your own. Our departure info will provide options for you.

You are expected to be in Chamonix or Zermatt, depending on your program, the evening before you meet your guide. Make arrangements to fly into Geneva, Switzerland, and catch the train to Chamonix. The Geneva airport is an hour away from Chamonix by car. Other variations are possible; these are only suggestions. For those traveling to Zermatt, you can fly to either Zurich or Geneva and travel by train to Zermatt.

As an example: if your trip date is arranged as June 13-28, you would need to be at the starting point of your itinerary (Chamonix or Zermatt) on June 12th and you would depart on June 29th for the flight home. 

Once you arrive in the airport, there are several options available to reach the final destination of your trip. Private transportation can be arranged at the airport directly, shuttle services are available in each airport, and trains are possible.

For train schedules visit: http://fahrplan.sbb.ch/bin/query.exe/en