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Equipment List

Mont Blanc Mountaineering School
 “When packing the rucksack, weight is the enemy.”

-Gaston Rebuffat

Please call us at 800-328-5925 or email us at info@mountainmadness.com for more info on the equipment list for your trip.

A complete equipment list for your trek or climb will be sent to you in a pre-departure packet once we receive your application and deposit. Every year we update our lists and incorporate feedback from our clients and guides, thus giving you the most complete and up-to-date guidelines possible. 

When planning for your trip you should follow two simple tenets: Lightweight and Functional. Lightweight equipment increases your chance of success and helps you save energy. Functional equipment determines how warm and dry you will be or how efficient your tools work for the job at hand. Choose equipment that is dependable, of good quality, and is adaptable to a variety of weather conditions. Lastly, all your equipment must function together in a system.

For tried and true outdoor clothing gear, check out Helly Hansen. When you sign up for a Mountain Madness trip, receive a 20% discount off all gear through their online store. Check them out here: www.hellyhansen.com.

For new, used, or rental equipment, try these Seattle retailers that will ship: Ascent Outdoors or Feathered Friends. Ascent Outdoors can be reached at (206) 545-8810 or www.ascentoutdoors.com.  Feathered Friends offers a wide variety of high quality gear, and make some of the finest down products in the world. They can be reached at (206) 292-2210 or www.featheredfriends.com. Mention that you are booked on a Mountain Madness trip and receive a 10% discount at both locations.

Sample Equipment List

This equipment list is a sample of what you will need for your summit climb. A final equipment list will be sent to you upon registration.

Climbing Gear
Upper Body
Lower Body
Sleeping bag

You will be staying in huts that provide pads and blankets, so no sleeping bag is needed; however, you should bring a sleeping bag liner.

  • Internal frame pack
    3000-3500+ cubic inch capacity, avoid unnecessary options that add weight (e.g. Osprey Mutant 38)

Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Glacier glasses
    100% UV protection with side shields and a hard-sided storage case (e.g. Julbo Montebianco  or Cebe)

  • Lip balm
    At least SPF 20, 2 sticks. A string taped to the stick is helpful, to hang around your neck

  • Sunscreen
    At least SPF 40

  • Headlamp (e.g. Petzl Myo3 or Black Diamond Gizmo)

  • 2 Water bottles
    1 liter wide-mouth Nalgene

  • Pocket knife
    Small Swiss-Army type

  • Water purification
    Filtration or chemical system

  • Toiletry kit
    Be sure to include toilet paper stored in a plastic bag

  • Large plastic bags
    2-3, for keeping miscellaneous gear dry

  • Nylon stuff sacks
    For food and gear storage, waterproof optional (OR has a good selection); large Ziplocs are useful also

  • Bandanas
    One or two

  • Camera
    Optional; large SLR types are not recommended

  • iPod/Kindle/small book

  • Rescue Insurance Card
    Global Rescue is included with American Alpine Club membership.

  • Alpine Club Card
    If you have one. For hut discounts.

  • Street clothes & shoes

  • Ear plugs 
    Block out snoring hut-mates
  • 1 Duffel bag 
    City clothes can be left at hotel.
  • Passport & plane ticket 
    Make a copy of your passport and keep it in a separate place from your passport. 

Other items for your personal first aid kit
  • Moleskin or Second Skin pads
    Bring a good supply to help care for blisters

  • Band-Aids and bandages
    Assorted sizes

  • Alcohol or betadine swabs
    For small abrasions

  • Adhesive tape
    One small roll

  • Scissors
    One small pair

  • Moisturizer
    Helps keep hands and skin from cracking in dry climates

  • Laxative
    To help with constipation, common at altitude     

  • Liniment
    For sore joints and muscles

  • Knee braces
    If you have had knee problems, braces may be helpful

  • Eye drops

  • Foot powder

  • Spare glasses/contact lenses