Learning crevasse rescue. MM collection
Approaching the lift station at Aiguille to Midi unger. Geoff Unger photo
Dylan Taylor photo
Mountain Madness photo
Mountain Madness photo
Dylan Taylor photo
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Mont Blanc Mountaineering School

The Alps are characterized by permanent snow and ice, in the form of glaciers, at higher elevations. In these areas more snow falls than melts over the course of a year, indicating relatively cold and consistent conditions at altitude. Summer temperatures can approach 80 degrees due to solar radiation, then dip well below freezing at night.

Weather patterns in the Alps follow the four-season pattern typical of northern latitudes. The best weather and snow conditions are usually found in spring and summer. 

If you’re preparing to climb or ski in the Alps, be sure to pack for a range of temperatures and conditions, including cold storms with heavy precipitation and days with intense heat and radiation.