Beautiful alpine lake. Sergey B. photo
Moving up the mountain. Sergey B. photo
Approaching Camp 2.
Base Camp. Sergey B. photo
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Stepping Stone To Climb Everest And Cho Oyu

Kyrgyzstan - Pik Lenin

Kyrgyzstan - Pik Lenin

A great introduction to climbing at elevations over 7000 meters, Pik Lenin is considered one of the most straightforward climbs of its altitude and is an excellent training peak for Mt. Everest and the 8000m giants of the Himalaya.  

Pik Lenin (elevation 7134m or 23,406 feet) is the third highest mountain in the former Soviet Union and is considered one of the most accessible peaks of over 7000 meters. While largely unknown amongst North American climbers, Lenin is well known to alpinists of Europe and Asia and is often used as a stepping stone to bigger peaks.  But Pik Lenin is a giant in its own right, and the climbing is of a Himalayan scale – crossing massive glaciers and climbing snowy ridges at extremely high altitudes. 

Pik Lenin is the highest peak in the Trans-Alay Range of the Pamir Mountains, on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.  Depending on what country you are in, Pik Lenin, previously named for the Russian revolutionary and first Soivet leader, is also known also as Ibn Sina Peak, after the prominent Persian thinker.  During the Soviet era, alpinists were given an award for climbing all five of the 7000 meter peaks of the Soviet Union.  This tradition is continued today, which makes Pik Lenin a required summit for climbers receiving the prestigious Snow Leopard Award.   

Step up your high-altitude climbing experience and join us on this accessible big mountain on an expedition to one of the greater mountain ranges of Asia.